Art to inspire. Art for healing.


Artist statement

Painting is my way of storytelling. I paint landscapes in order to show appreciation for nature. Oil painting and watercolor are my most frequent mediums. When I paint in watercolor, I feel peaceful and calm. While painting in oils, I express more energy and apply my emotions on canvas. Most of the time, I paint in my traveling journals using watercolor. After returning to the studio, I work on large oil paintings of nature, the sceneries filled with memories of travelings which impressed and touched me. Throughout the traveling journey and painting process, I am inspired and refreshed by recording the happiness and inspiration that life offers. My goal is to inspire, through sharing my artwork, my stories of the art healing process, and to deliver messages that encourage people to show appreciation and gratitude for nature because we humans and nature are in harmony. My current work series is about Landscape and Memory: The Traveling Series of Landscape Paintings, which includes three parts: Traveling in the USA, Traveling in Norway, and Traveling in Italy.