Fan LU - Artist Biograpy

Fan started to paint and draw since kindergarten. Art is always part of her life, Fan experienced some big turning points in life: parent's divorce when she was 10 years old; baptism as Christian in 2015; solo-traveling in Norway in 2016; got married and the first baby in 2017. 

Family life challenges, as well as inspire her artistic career. The first big challenge was after pregnancy, she painted with watercolor instead of oil paints for a year to avoid toxicity of which; the second big challenge was after giving birth to baby, while baby was four-month-old, Fan went back to art school for further study in fine art and illustration, so she painted oil again, and she had to take care of the baby as well as taking three classes a semester. Her energy was so distracted since then. Luckily, with her helping husband who also takes care of the baby well, Fan went through everything with great hope, strong perseverance and good time management. 

Though under great pressure in graduate school, She keeps giving praise to the lord for peace and strength he granted, and she survived. Meanwhile, Fan’s art style gradually changes as her role changes from a girl to a grown-up wife and mom. Fan started to paint her life experience by infusing various moods into her artworks topics: her chaos at the beginning of having a baby; her pressure on school work; her dilemma and doubts of her postpartum depression; her faith in God; her exploration in nature, her little happiness in daily life, etc. Fan started using big brushes and palette knife in way of impasto, which gave her the freedom to express and release his feelings. According to painting landscape and abstract, she experienced healing. She began to research on the study of nature-based expressive art therapy. She is still exploring a new direction of helping people in need of help, in the way of art as healing. 

The first things that people notice of Fan’s paintings are the energy and color. Her painting shows the creative process with full of blessings, lively soul and heart. For the themes of art being presented in her artwork is amazing nature; love-spreading; joy-peace-faith. They are delivering messages about beautiful landscape; a positive attitude towards life; encouragement and motivation to people in need of help. What Fan wants to convey to the audience is, walk by faith and live life in God’s unconditional love with peace in our heart. Fan’s artistic influences are bible verses, music, nature, life experience. And for the artists, there is so many artists’ influence to be mentioned, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, David Hockney, Wayne Thiebaud, Jackson Pollock, etc.

Some little achievements so far, during Fan’s first year of having a baby, she kept studying in art school and had three selected group-exhibition. She sold the first landscape painting in a gallery, and newly got her commission work.