Fan painted this series of Watercolor for Tea.Dessert.Drinks. Fan really enjoys tea time with meditation. And tea, coffee with dessert is always a good company while reading, listening to music, painting, etc. It always reminds her of the days while Fan was studying and living in London, United Kingdom. Afternoon tea culture influenced her a lot in her daily life. And also, tea culture is also very special in China, where Fan grew up.

green tea cake- fan lu-watercolor.jpeg

Green tea cake

Artist: FAN LU watercolor on hot press paper. Year: 2018

Fan painted this dessert for a friend in Australia, who is very good at baking, and Fan painted the cake in watercolor painting.


fruit cake and watermelon drink- fan lu-watercolor.jpeg

Fruit cake and watermelon drink

Artist: FAN LU watercolor on cold press paper. Year: 2018

Fan painted this cake and drink while waiting at the coffee shop. And her baby was with her while she was painting. Precious time.